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Magic etc

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2007 6:03 am
Post subject: Magic etc
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Hi all...just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who would be
interested. I know this isn't really RH related but I wanted to spread
the word to my RH/ST friends that I will be going on tour starting
January of next year with Master Illusionist Shawn Anthony. If anyone
is insterested in attending, we have a partial tour date list set up
on our website at: www.shawnanthonymagic.com and there is a promo
video from our Cabaret show back in Feb. This show is much different,
it's bigger, with a new cast. I really miss RH. I hope at least to
catch a show or two if I can while on the road. I will be on the road
in the US for about a year. Then we go to Europe I believe, so I'd
love to see my buddies from there too! Our first show kickoff will be
at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore Maryland at the end of January.
Thank you to all of the friends who have been supporting me in this.
This is a very exciting and yet scary life changing process I've been
growing with and I really appreciate it.
HUGS and Fishnets

Jessica "Kitten" Feldman (Some people just call me Red)

PS: My old Janet Majors dress is still for sale(worn to the 25th
Anniversary for Rocky). I might have some flower buttons that could
work for Janet Weiss, and I have a pair of Random dark red granny
boots I used for Oliver as Nancy for Sale. Ok...off to rehearrsal.
Back to your regularly scheduled newsgroup...wow it's been quiet in
here! :P

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